School Tours

Having a strong online presence for your school was essential before the pandemic, but in today’s world, schools are having to level up in order to stand out.Immersive 3D virtual tours and beautifully-done promotional videos on your website and social media engage viewers exponentially more than traditional photography–all while making a no-words-needed statement about your school’s commitment to technology.Here at Red Stick, the real superpower we give you is the ability to capture the heart of your school in online marketing materials that create instant engagement and emotional connection. And connection makes sales.

Woodlawn Baptist Church Virtual Tour

“Michael at Red Stick Visual Solutions was very easy to work with and did an incredible job with the 3D Virtual tour for our school. This has been a great addition for our website and very helpful for prospective parents. Wish we had done this earlier! “

– Ruth Payne, Preschool Director, Woodlawn Baptist Church Mother’s Day Out

St. Thomas More Catholic School Tour

“Red Stick Visual Solutions was a wonderful partner for our school! The 3D Scan and drone footage have been extremely valuable for showcasing our school online as a virtual tour, especially during the COVID pandemic. The team was friendly and accommodating with our school’s schedule, and they were very professional throughout the process. I highly recommend Red Stick Visual Solutions if you are exploring options for drone photography or videography, as well as 3D scanning of your facilities.”– Brian Moscona, Principal, St. Thomas More Catholic School

What we can do for you:

  • Produce immersive 3D virtual tours of any school facilities
  • Customize and brand navigation within the tour
  • Automatically send monthly viewing statistics on your 3D virtual tours
  • Easily embed tour links into QR codes, websites, and social media
  • Craft custom promotional marketing videos
  • Incorporate a birds-eye view drone photo with clickable tours for different spaces on your campus
  • Publish tours instantly to Google Street View
  • Create in-tour info tags with web links, photos, information, or videos
  • Create 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Capture 4K photos of spaces within the tour
  • Write engaging in-tour info tags and website copy