Who We Are

Meet Michael & Erin

Husband-and-wife owners Michael and Erin Franco started Red Stick Visual Solutions in 2020.

Michael grew up in New Orleans, attended Brother Martin High School, and graduated from LSU. His career has included working in NASA flight control and robotic payload design for the International Space Station. After a move back home to Baton Rouge in 2013, he worked for years in engineering project management for industrial construction. He has a lifelong love of photography, aviation, and cutting-edge visual technologies that gives him a commitment to providing the latest and best visual marketing tools to clients.

Erin is a Baton Rouge native who attended St. Joseph’s Academy and LSU. Her career work in advertising, public relations, blogging, marketing, and social media gives her an eye for marketing that creates powerful connection. She is passionate about providing a second-to-none customer service experience and powerful services that help our clients make more sales. She deeply values giving back personally and as a business owner to her community. She has also maintained a Catholic blogging, radio, and speaking ministry at ErinFranco.com since 2009.

Our mission for Red Stick Visual Solutions is to provide customer-focused, full-service visual marketing solutions for clients who are outstanding in their field.

While we’re incredibly proud of our company’s exceptional work and wonderful clients, our pride and joy are our five beautiful children. (See, we told you we had superpowers.)

Having a large family makes us incredibly intentional about the way we do business.

For one, focus, organization, and efficiency are must-haves for both family life and for business. Our clients make one call and have all the online visual marketing for a new listing taken care of–with fast turnaround and consistent quality. We even send automatic weekly marketing statistics on properties that they can pass on to sellers with a few clicks on their phone.

Having a large family also makes us wake up each day knowing that we have five pairs of eyes watching us model a life of responsible business ownership, commitment to service, and rightly-ordered priorities that put relationships over things every time.